Welcome to me.

Im a breather, a lover, fighter, hard worker and one of many. Nothing separating me from the next earthly inhabitiant, i am not unique. But I have something no one else has, will have or has had, my DNA and perspective and perception. In my years of living I have come to learn a good bit about life and all the bad shit it has to offer without the benefit of a buffer or warning, me being the “touch the stove to see if its hot” type, I wouldnt have it any other way.

Pain teaches a hard lesson that one would be hard pressed to forget. Unless you like the feeling, sometimes it nessesary in order to ensure you wont make the same mistake twice. Or in my case the pain is just a marker for what I can survive so I push myself to see how much I can endure before I break. Hell, if I test me and pass what can you do to me? If I may hold your attention for a bit longer, I intend to document my expierences and keep you entertained .


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