Lost: Best Friend

Ive missed you. It saddens me to know we arent where we used to be. You were my first friend and truest one. I would literally still kill for you but considering the legality of that just know I would but would rather not. It is of no fault of our own but weve found new best friends. I remember when you found yours, I was happy for you but sad because I knew it meant I would slip from your list of important people. Lucky her. I adjusted but reluctantly, even tried to make her my friend too. Then things fell apart and I hurt for you, I hurt for your daughter. I told you both and meant it that you were creating another me. A broken child of divorce with a vicious grip on how relationships could go from sugar to shit in no time. I dont blame you for seeking out your happy but Im jealous that I havent jumped back to that list of importance. So I found my own best friend, and when that fell apart i looked for you. In my mind, youre still there, waiting on me to call and vent and latch like i used to. I need to. I wish I could. Call you up and talk just to talk or hear you breathe. To hear how you go thru having your heart torn out of your chest, paraded around for the world, shat on spat on then mushed back in the void like everything is cool. Did you bounce back? I know you arent lost, i know exactly where you are. But youre not with me, has too much time and space passed between us? I hate this new normal, I want my Original Best friend back. My Twin.


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